This Girl's Life (2004) (Unrated)

This Girl's Life (2004) (Unrated)
Moon, a female porn star tries to find a balance between the demands of her job, the demands of taking care of her ailing father who suffers from Parkinson's, and the riducule and scrutiny of her friends about what she does for a living.

Director: Ash Baron-Cohen
Genre: Drama, Pornographic
Starring: Cheyenne Silver (II), Natalie Taylor, Donal Joseph Sheehan, Julianna Young (II), Stacia Montieth

Plot: This Girl's Life examines the world of a young internet porn star named Moon. It focuses on her relationship with her Parkinson's disease-suffering father, her best friend, her porn producer, and her potential boyfriend. Told from a female perspective, the new guilt-free voyeuristic sexuality emerging in the rising generation is explored while the young sex star's world unravels as she tests the boundaries of both herself and those around her.'s_Life

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