Waterworld (1995)

Waterworld (1995)Waterworld (1995)

Director: Kevin Reynolds
GENRE: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Tagline: Beyond the horizon lies the secret to a new beginning.

In a future where the polar ice caps have melted and most of Earth is underwater, a mutated mariner fights starvation and outlaw "smokers," and reluctantly helps a woman and a young girl find dry land.


Dragonheart - A New Beginning (2000)

Dragonheart - A New Beginning (2000)Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Thriller


When Geoff, an orphaned stable boy (Chris Masterson), discovers Drake (voice of Robby Benson), the world's last living dragon, he realizes that his dream of becoming a knight in shining armor can now come true. Together, they soon face challenges that turn them into heroes. But caught up in the excitement of their new lives, Geoff and Drake fail to see the hidden dangers that surround them.


Dragonheart (1996)

Dragonheart (1996)Dragonheart (1996)

Dragonheart is a 1996 fantasy–adventure film directed by Rob Cohen. It stars Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Pete Postlethwaite, Dina Meyer, and the voice of Sean Connery.

Director: Rob Cohen
Release Date: 31 May 1996 (USA)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy


The last dragon and a disillusioned dragonslaying knight must cooperate to stop an evil king who was given partial immortality.

Harry Potter 6 - The Half Blood Prince (2009)

Harry Potter 6 - The Half Blood Prince (2009)Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (2009)

STARRiNG:..: Daniel Radcliffe.Rupert Grint.Emma Watson
GENRE:.....: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery
COUNTRY:...: UK | USA 2009
RUN.TiME...: 02:11:30
iMDB:......: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0417741/


As Harry Potter begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he discovers an old book marked mysteriously "This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince" and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort's dark past.

Species I, II, III, IV

Species (1995)Species (1995)
Species (1995)

Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller


In 1974, an organization known as the Search of ExtraTerrestrial Instituion (SETI) has possessed some kind of alien being, thus beginning some kind of top secret experiment to mix human and alien DNA. This is when the scientists created Sil, a female human-alien hybrid. However, approximately 20 years later, she has escaped. Sil is also determined to reproduce, but needs human male sperm to do so. Now, a team of scientists and federal agents must find Sil and stop her from mating with a human male and reproduce.


Species II (1998)Species II (1998)
Species II (1998)

Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller


Mykelti Williamson and Justin Lazard are a pair of astronauts who make the first successful manned mission to Mars. Lazard's character gets infected by an alien and slowly begins to mutate. When they get back to Earth all he has on his mind is to have sex with Henstridge!


Species III (2004)Species III (2004)
Species III (2004)

Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller


While being transported in a military ambulance and supposed dead, Eve delivers an offspring and is killed by a half-breed. The baby girl is abducted by Dr. Abbot, and a couple of days later she grows up, reaching adulthood and becoming a gorgeous young woman called Sara. Dr. Abbot expects to develop a perfect DNA using Sara's eggs and win the Nobel Prize, and invites the student Dean to be his assistant and share his research and future awards. But while Sara unsuccessfully chases a perfect mate for her to generate a perfect being, the flawed half-breeds leaded by Amelia try to reproduce with her to survive their species


Species IV - The Awakening (2007)Species IV - The Awakening (2007)
Species IV - The Awakening (2007)

Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller


A scientist, Dr Holander, takes his niece Miranda to Mexico in an attempt to reverse the effects of the alien DNA he used to create her..


Pulse 2 - Afterlife (2008)

Pulse 2 - Afterlife (2008)Pulse 2 - Afterlife (2008)

Genre: Horror
Ratings: IMDB: Awaiting Votes RT: N/A
Directed by: Joel Soisson
Starring: Jackie Arnold, Jamie Bamber, Kent Jude Bernard



The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet. Cities are deserted, technology has been destroyed and the few remaining human beings eschew anything electrical in order to avoid a confrontation with the soulless ghosts that now wander the planet. Most of the ghosts are doomed to a repetitive loop of something they did while they were still despairing humans (a man repeatedly hangs himself, for example), but there are some ghosts so locked in denial, they do not know they are dead. They continue to haunt their homes, wrapped in fear that their souls will soon be torn from them.

Spartan (2004)

Spartan (2004)Spartan (2004)

Director: David Mamet
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Runtime: UK:102 min (DVD) / USA:106 min
Cast (first 5): Tia Texada, Derek Luke, Val Kilmer, Jeremie Campbell, Bob Jennings

Plot Outline:

The investigation into a kidnapping of the daughter of a high-ranking US government official.

A "lone wolf" U.S. government secret agent, Scott( Kilmer), is assigned the task of rescuing the kidnapped daughter (Bell) of a high ranking government figure, only to discover along the way a larger, more sinister plot.In the US-government's special ops, Scott is a shooter, not a planner, doing the job without regard to quaint or obsolete convention. When the President's daughter (a Harvard undergrad) goes missing, it's Scott who applies the pressure, first to her boyfriend, then to a madam whose cathouse is the first stop en route to a white slavery auction house in Dubai. The abductors may not know whom they've grabbed, but once they figure it out, the girl is doomed. As Scott is set to fly to the Middle East, the drowned body of the girl turns up. Deadly double crosses force Scott to become a planner. Through it all, earnest TV newscasters read the drivel they're handed.


Spartan (2004)

Six Days Seven Nights (1998)

Six Days Seven Nights (1998)Six Days Seven Nights (1998)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Romance
Director: Ivan Reitman
Starring: Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, David Schwimmer, Jacqueline Obradors

Taking a romantic tropical island week off with her boyfriend, an ambitious, decisive New York girl agrees to help her magazine out by covering a story on a neighbouring island. The only plane available is piloted by a laid-back heavy drinker with whom she shares a mutual dislike. But she has no choice and he can't refuse the money. When the plane crash-lands on an uninhabited island with little chance of rescue they both wish they had made other arrangements - at least to start with.


Any Which Way You Can (1980)

Any Which Way You Can (1980)Any Which Way You Can (1980)

Directed by: Buddy Van Horn
Genre: Action,Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 115 min
Cast (first 10): Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Geoffrey Lewis, William Smith, Harry Guardino, Ruth Gordon, Michael Cavanaugh, Barry Corbin, Roy Jenson, Bill McKinney

Plot Outline:
Philo Beddoe is back in this sequel to Every Which Way but Loose, once again brawling to make ends meet and just trying to manage his life with a crazy mother, a dimwitted best friend and, of course, Clyde the Orangutan. He's had enough of this life, but when a mobster comes along to make him an offer he can't refuse, Philo must use his wits as well as his fists to get himself out of yet another jam.


Preceded by Every Which Way But Loose (1978)

Every Which Way But Loose (1978)

Every Which Way But Loose (1978)Every Which Way But Loose (1978)

Director: James Fargo
Writer: Jeremy Joe Kronsberg
Genre: action, adventure, comedy
Runtime: 111 mins (Widescreen)
Language: English
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Geoffrey Lewis, Beverly D'Angelo, Walter Barnes, George Chandler, Roy Jenson, James McEachin, Bill McKinney, William O'Connell, John Quade, Dan Vadis, Gregory Walcott, Hank Worden, Ruth Gordon

Philo Beddoe is an easy-going trucker and a great fist-fighter. With two friends - Orville, who promotes prize-fights for him, and Clyde, the orangutan he won on a bet - he roams the San Fernando Valley in search of cold beer, country music and the occasional punch-up. But he is floored himself by a dainty little country and western singer, who gives him the slip when she realizes he's getting too serious. Phil, Clyde and Orville set off in pursuit, pestered by bikers.


Followed by Any Which Way You Can (1980)

Be Cool (2005)

Be Cool (2005)Be Cool (2005)

Directed: F. Gary Gray
Starring: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Vince Vaughn, Christina Milian and Cedric the Entertainer
Running time: 118 min.
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Comedy


Streetwise mobster-turned-movie producer Chili Palmer is back, but this time Chili has abandoned the fickle movie industry and veered into the music business, tangling with Russian mobsters and gangsta rappers and taking a talented, feisty young singer named Linda Moon under his wing. From the recording studio to an Aerosmith concert to the MTV Music Awards, he manipulates events to watch them play out the Chili way, using his signature blend of wiseguy skills and negotiation tactics. It's a dangerous business, and everyone's looking for their next big hit.


Preceded by: Get Shorty (1995)

Get Shorty (1995)

Get Shorty (1995)Get Shorty (1995)

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
Running time 105 min.
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Crime

Tagline: The Mob Is Tough. But It's Nothing Like Show Business.

Chili Palmer is tired of the movie production business after being forced to make a useless sequel starring Martin Weir. When a music producer friend is gunned down, he offers to help his widow run the business. Checking a talent that the producer had been talking to him about puts Chili at odds with a sleazy music manager, his gay bodyguard, and his equally sleazy partner. The mismanagement of the music company also gets Chili threatened by members of the Russian mafia and a suburban rap-mogul producer & his thugs led by his bumbling relative. All turns out well when it is determined that the dead producers wife had at one time been the laundress for Aerosmith and making contact with Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler at a Lakers game, gets their protégé a duet with Tyler at an Aerosmith concert.

John Travolta ... Chili Palmer
Gene Hackman ... Harry Zimm
Rene Russo ... Karen Flores
Danny DeVito ... Martin Weir
Dennis Farina ... Ray 'Bones' Barboni


Followed by: Be Cool (2005)

The Passion Of The Christ (2004)

The Passion Of The Christ (2004)The Passion Of The Christ (2004) ~ 2CD

Release Date: February 25, 2004
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 127 minutes
Director: Mel GIBSON
Casting: James Caviezel, Maia Morgenstern, Monica Bellucci, Rosalinda Celentano, Claudia Gerini, Ivano Marescotti, Sergio Rubini ...

The film opens in Gethsemane in medias res as Jesus prays and is tempted by Satan, while his apostles, Peter, James, and John sleep. After receiving thirty pieces of silver, one of Jesus' other apostles, Judas Iscariot, approaches with the temple guard and betrays Jesus with a kiss. As the guards move in to arrest Jesus, Peter cuts off the ear of Malchus, but Jesus heals the ear. The temple guard arrest Jesus and the apostles flee. John tells Mary and Mary Magdalene of the arrest, and Peter follows Jesus at a distance. Caiaphas holds a trial of Jesus over the objection of some of the other priests, who are expelled from the court. When questioned by Caiaphas whether he is the son of God, Jesus replies "I AM," which Caiaphas believes justifies the charge of blasphemy, and Jesus is condemned to death. Three times Peter denies knowing Jesus, and the remorseful Judas returns the money. Tormented by demons, Judas flees the city and hangs himself with a rope from a dead donkey.


Collateral Damage (2002)

Collateral Damage (2002)Collateral Damage (2002)

Directed by: Andrew Davis
Genre: Action,Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English,Spanish
Tagline: The Act Itself Wasn't Personal...HIS VENGEANCE WILL BE [UK tag-line]
Plot Outline: After his family is killed by a terrorist act, a firefighter goes in search of the one responsible.
Runtime: 108 min
Cast (first 10): Arnold Schwarzenegger, Francesca Neri, Elias Koteas, Cliff Curtis, John Leguizamo, John Turturro, Jsu Garcia, Tyler Posey, Michael Milhoan, Rick Worthy

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0233469/
wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collateral_Damage_(film)


Firefighter Gordon Brewer is plunged into the complex and dangerous world of international terrorism after he loses his wife and child in a bombing credited to Claudio "The Wolf" Perrini. Frustrated with the official investigation and haunted by the thought that the man responsible for murdering his family might never be brought to justice, Brewer takes matters into his own hands and tracks his quarry ultimately to Colombia.

The Taking Of Pelham 123 (2009)

The Taking Of Pelham 123 (2009)The Taking Of Pelham 123 (2009)

STARRiNG:..: Denzel Washington.John Travolta.
GENRE:.....: Crime | Drama | Thriller
COUNTRY:...: USA 2009
RUN.TiME...: 01:45:30
iMDB:......: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1111422/
Wikipedia..: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Taking_of_Pelham_123_(2009_film)

Armed men hijack a New York City subway train, holding the passengers hostage in return for a ransom, and turning an ordinary day's work for dispatcher Walter Garber into a face-off with the mastermind behind the crime.

Stephen King's It (1990) (TV Miniseries)

Stephen King's It (1990) (TV Miniseries)Stephen King's It (1990) (TV Miniseries) (Size: 2CD)

It (also referred to as Stephen King's It) is a 1990 horror television miniseries based on the novel of the same name. The film stars Tim Curry in the eponymous role of "It" (also known as Pennywise).

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Adventure
Country: United States
Language: English
Approx. run time: 192 min

Seven youths have to defeat a demonic creature named Pennywise which dresses in a clown suit and terrorizes a 1960's town in Maine.


The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Runtime: 01.53.34
GENRE: Crime / Thriller

Young FBI agent Clarice Starling is assigned to help find a missing woman to save her from a psychopathic serial killer who skins his victims. Clarice attempts to gain a better insight into the twisted mind of the killer by talking to another psychopath Hannibal Lecter, who used to be a respected psychiatrist. FBI agent Jack Crawford believes that Lecter who is also a very powerful and clever mind manipulator have the answers to their questions to help locate the killer. Clarice must first try and gain Lecter's confidence before he is to give away any information.


The Negotiator (1998)

The Negotiator (1998)The Negotiator (1998)

Runtime: 140 mins (DVD)
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Runtime : 139 min
Language : English
Language: English
Director: F. Gary Gray
Writers: James DeMonaco, Kevin Fox
Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, David Morse, Ron Rifkin, John Spencer, J.T. Walsh, Siobhan Fallon, Paul Giamatti, Regina Taylor, Bruce Beatty, Michael Cudlitz, Carlos Gómez, Tim Kelleher, Dean Norris

As a decorated hostage negotiator, Lieutenant Danny Roman has made a career out of talking down dangerous men who don't listen to reason. But he goes off the deep end himself when he is framed for the murder of a colleague investigating corruption in their department. Convinced that the Internal Affairs office contains evidence that can exonerate him, Roman takes everyone inside the building hostage. Roman demands Lieutenant Chris Sabian, known for his anti-violence creed, be brought in to negotiate thinking it will buy him time. When Sabian's attempts for a peaceful resolution are constantly undermined by local authorities, he begins to suspect there may be method to Roman's madness.


American Virgin (2009)

American Virgin (2009)American Virgin( 2009)

Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Clare Kilner
Starring: Rob Schneider, Jenna Dewan, Chase Ryan Jeffery, Brianne Davis

Rob Schneider stars in this fratboy comedy which follows the misfortunes of college freshman Jenna Dewan. After getting drunk for the first time in her life her defences are down and she indulges in a night of debauchery. However, her boozed-up bed-hopping was caught on camera…and she risks losing her scholarship at a college that prides itself on a no sex before marriage rule.


The Last American Virgin (1982)

The Last American Virgin (1982)The Last American Virgin (1982)

production: USA
genre: Comedy, Humerous entertainment, Drama, Romance, Sex comedy
Release Year: 1982
Country: USA
Runtime: 92
Languages: English
Director: Boaz Davidson

The friendship of a group of young friends struggling with teen sex, drugs, and work is jeopardized by a romantic interest which may turn pals into bitter rivals.


Public Enemies (2009)

Public Enemies (2009)Public Enemies (2009)


STARRiNG:..: Johnny Depp.James Russo.David Wenham
GENRE:.....: Biography | Crime | Drama | History | Thriller
COUNTRY:...: USA 2009
RUN.TiME...: 02:20:17
SiZE:......: 1 x 901,02 MB
ViDEO:.....: XviD/ 761 kb/s /640 x 272 / 2.35 / 23,976
AuDIO:.....: Mp3 128 kb/s / 48000 Hz / 2 chnls
iMDB:......: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1152836

The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s.


Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day (1996)Independence Day (1996)

One of the biggest box office hits of all time delivers the ultimate encounter when mysterious and powerful aliens launch an all-out invasion against the human race. The spectacle begins when massive spaceships appear in Earth's skies. But wonder turns to terror as the ships blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet. Now the world's only hope lies with a determined band of survivors, uniting for one last strike against the invaders - before it's the end of mankind.

Year: 1996
Release Date : 3 July 1996
Genre : Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Director: Roland Emmerich
Cast: Bill Pullman, Mary McDonnell, Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch, Margaret Colin, Will Smith, Vivica A. Fox, Randy Quaid, Robert Loggia, James Реборн, Harvey Firstayn, Adam Baldwin, Brent Spiner

The ultimate encounter when mysterious and powerful aliens launch an all out invasion against the human race. The spectacle begins when massive spaceships appear in Earth's skies. But wonder turns to terror as the ships blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet. Now the world's only hope lies with a determined band of survivors, uniting for one last strike against the invaders - before it's the end of mankind.

# http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116629/
# http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_Day_(film)

Space Cowboys (2000)

Space Cowboys (2000)Space Cowboys (2000)

GENRE: Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Frank Corvin, "Hawk" Hawkins, Jerry O'Neill and Tank Sullivan were hotdog members of Project DAEDALUS, the Air Force's test program for space travel. Their hopes were dashed in 1958 with the formation of NASA and the use of trained chimps. They blackmail their way into orbit when Russia's mysterious Ikon communications satellite's orbit begins to degrade and threatens to crash into Earth.


Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Million Dollar Baby (2004)Million Dollar Baby (2004)

A wayward daughter invites her dying mother and the rest of her estranged family to her apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Sports
Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman

Maggie Fitzgerald, a poor thirty-one year old waitress from the very lower classes and with a dysfunctional loser family, decides to make a difference through boxing. She convinces the experienced hardened boxing trainer Frankie Dunn to coach her and be her manager, with the support of his old partner Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris, who sees her potential as a boxer. Frankie has a problematical relationship with his daughter, and practically adopts Maggie along her career.


Gettin' Square (2003)

Gettin' Square (2003)Gettin' Square (2003)

Gettin' Square is a crime caper movie set on Australia's Gold Coast and directed by Jonathan Teplitzky. The protagonists are ex-criminals trying to keep out of trouble.

Director: Jonathan Teplitzky
Writer: Chris Nyst (writer)
Starring: Sam Worthington, David Wenham, Gary Sweet, Timothy Spall, David Field, Freya Stafford, John Brumpton

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Thriller
Release Date: 9 October 2003 (Australia)
Country: Australia
Language: English

Gettin' Square is about starting over, keeping clean and going straight. Barry Wirth (Sam Worthington) is fresh out of prison and determined to stay on the straight and narrow. But like his mate Johnny 'Spit' Spiteri (David Wenham) and reformed gangster turned restaurateur Dabba (Timothy Spall), he finds out the hard way that there are old scores and a few new ones that'll make getting square a lot harder than he thought.


The Untouchables (1987)

The Untouchables (1987)he Untouchables (1987)

Genre: Crime | Drama | History | Thriller
Director: Brian De Palma
Writers: Oscar Fraley
Plot: Federal Agent Elliot Ness sets out to take out Al Capone; because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team...
Runtime: 119 min
Country: USA
Language: English


Young Treasury Agent Elliot Ness arrives in Chicago and is deternimed to take down Al Capone but he learns that it's not going to be easy, because Capone has the police in his pocket. But Ness meets Jimmy Malone a veteran patrolman and probably the most honorable one in the force. He asks Malone to help him get Capone but Malone warns him that if he goes after Capone, he is going to war. They recruit academy cadet, George Stone and Treasury agent Oscar Wallace, who is also an accountant, who wants to prosecute Capone for tax evasion. When they make headway, Capone tries to get them but they are untouchable.

My Year Without Sex (2009)

My Year Without Sex (2009)My Year Without Sex (2009)

My Year Without Sex is an Australian film written and directed by Sarah Watt, opening the 2009 Adelaide Film Festival and given wider release in May 2009. Set in Altona (suburban Melbourne), it is about a 30-something couple, Ross and Natalie, and their children Ruby and Louis, after Natalie suffers a brain injury and is forbidden from having sex for 12 months.

Watt has said that after her first film Look Both Ways, she wanted to make a film "without a sex scene":

Genre: Comedy | Drama
Directed by: Sarah Watt
Starring: Sacha Horler, Matt Day, Jonathan Segat, Sonya Suares


A young wife and mother deals with a domestic crisis.

Sarah Watt's highly anticipated follow-up to 2005's critical and commercial success, Look Both Ways, My year without sex is a funny, heart-warming story of one modern Australian family and a year they'll never forget.

Set over one messy year, Ross (Matt Day) and Natalie (Sacha Horler) and their two kids, Louis (Jonathan Segat) and Ruby (Portia Bradley), navigate nits, faith, Christmas, job insecurity, footy practice, more nits, and the mounting issue of whether they will ever manage to have sex again.


Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991)

Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991)Showdown In Little Tokyo (1991)

Directed by: Mark L. Lester
Genre: Action,Drama,Comedy,Crime
User Rating: 5.2/10 (2,575 votes)
Runtime: 79 min
Cast (first 5): Dolph Lundgren, Brandon Lee, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Tia Carrere, Toshirô Obata


For 400 years, Japan has been home to a secret criminal organization dedicated to its own supremacy in the underworld. Ruled by an ancient, arcane code of honor, the deadly Yakuza have been among the most feared members of society. Even today, they are immediately recognizable by the stunningly ornate tattoos that cover their bodies, telling the terrifying story of their stature and career in a dark order that knows no mercy. Now the Yakuza are coming to Los Angeles. But in America, they're going to meet their match. Two cops are on their trail. One's an American raised in Japan. He's got the mind and spirit of a samurai, and the body of a human fighting machine. The other's a Japanese-American raised in California's San Fernando Valley. He's into malls, pizza and MTV. But he can disarm five gunmen with his bare feet. One's a warrior. One's a wise-ass. But together they've got what it takes to remove some tattoos from Little Tokyo. "Showdown in Little Tokyo" stars action favorite Dolph Lundgren as Chris Kenner, a man fighting for his adopted heritage and his family's honor; and Brandon Lee, in his first American film role, as Johnny Murata, a guy whose idea of a good time includes knowing where--and how--to get his kicks. Opposites in attitude, once they get on the streets, they're a perfect odd couple. And what they have in common is their enemy--the Yakuza who are bringing a lethal new drug trade to Los Angeles, coupled with a macabre taste for violence and cruelty

George Of The Jungle 1-2

George Of The Jungle (1997)George Of The Jungle (1997)
George Of The Jungle (1997)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Romance
Director: Sam Weisman
Writers (WGA): Jay Ward (characters), Dana Olsen (story)
Release Date: 16 July 1997 (USA)
Tagline: Watch out!
Plot: George grows up in the jungle raised by apes. Based on the Cartoon series.
User Rating: 5.3/10 16,200 votes

Baby George got into a plane crash in a jungle, stayed alive and was adopted by a wise ape. Ursula Stanhope, US noble woman is saved from death on safari by grown-up George, and he takes her to jungle to live with him. He slowly learns a rules of human relationships, while Ursula's lover Lyle is looking for her and the one who took her. After they are found, Ursula takes George to the USA.


George Of The Jungle 2 (2003)George Of The Jungle 2 (2003)
George Of The Jungle 2 (2003)

Genre: Comedy
Release: 2003
Director: David Grossman
Distributor: Walt Disney Video
Starring: Christopher Showerman, Julie Benz, Thomas Haden Church


Longtime television director David Grossman makes his feature debut with this direct-to-video sequel to the 1997 hit family comedy George of the Jungle. Filling the loincloth originally worn by Brendan Fraser, Chris Showerman plays George this time around. Since the events of the first film, George and Ursula (Julie Benz stepping in for Leslie Mann) have had a son and made a home for themselves in George's jungle kingdom. But George is suddenly called away by his brother Ape who has run up a substantial gambling debt in Las Vegas. Once back in America to help Ape, Ursula encounters Lyle Van de Groot (Thomas Haden Church, reprising his role from the first film) who is in cahoots with Ursula's disapproving mother. When Van de Groot puts her under a hypnotic spell, Ursula no longer recognizes George, just as her mother wants. If that weren't bad enough, while George is busy trying to help Ape and rescue Ursula, a lion is attempting to stage a coup back in the jungle.


Best Of The Best Collection 1-4

Best Of The Best (1989)Best Of The Best (1989)
Best Of The Best (1989)

Actors: Eric Roberts, Phillip Rhee, James Earl Jones, Sally Kirkland, Chris Penn
Directors: Robert Radler
Language: English
DVD Release Date: 18 Mar 1989
Run Time: 95 minutes
Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

A team from the United States are going to compete in the world finals in Tae Kwon Do. The team consists of fighters from all nations, can they overcome their rivalry and work together to win ?


Best Of The Best 2 (1993)Best Of The Best 2 (1993)
Best Of The Best 2 (1993)

Actors: Eric Roberts, Phillip Rhee, Christopher Penn, Ralf Moeller, Wayne Newton
Language English
Region: All Regions
DVD Release Date: 21 Feb 1993
Run Time: 95 minutes
Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

In an underground fight club, blackbelt Travis Brickley is killed after losing to the evil martial arts master Brakus. Travis' death is witnessed by Walter Grady, the son of his best friend Alex Grady. Alex and his partner, Tommy Lee, vow to avenge their friend's death by defeating Brakus and shutting down the fight club.


Best Of The Best 3 No Turning Back (1995)Best Of The Best 3 No Turning Back (1995)
Best Of The Best 3: No Turning Back (1995)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

A martial arts instructor comes to the defense of a schoolteacher who has taken a stand against a local white supremacist organization.


Best Of The Best 4 Without Warning (1998)Best Of The Best 4 Without Warning (1998)
Best Of The Best 4: Without Warning (1998)

Director: Phillip Rhee
Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

A group of Russian mobsters have stolen a huge supply of paper for printing U.S. currency, and are now flooding the market with conterfeit bills. When one of the mobsters decides to give herself in and hand over a data CD to the DA, she is shot and killed, but not before handing the disc to an unsuspecting Tommy Lee. Despite working with the police as a martial arts instructor, Lee doesn't go to the cops with the disc, but instead goes on the run, giving the mafia time to kidnap his daughter and hold as a hostage in exchange for return of the disc. Will Tommy ever see his daughter again?


Spawn (1997) (Director's Cut)

Spawn (1997) (Director's Cut)Spawn (1997)

Genres: Sci-Fi,Action
Released: August 1, 1997
Actors: Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo, Martin Sheen, Theresa Randle, Nicol Williamson
Directors: Mark A.Z. Dippé


One of the most popular independent comic books of its decade was transformed into this dark, bloody adventure intended to launch a profitable superhero franchise. Michael Jai White stars as Al Simmons, a corrupt assassin betrayed and murdered by his evil government supervisor, Jason Wynn (Martin Sheen). Sent to Hell, Simmons is offered a chance to return to the earthly plane if he will become a "Hellspawn" ("Spawn" for short), one of many super-powered creatures assigned to encourage living souls along the path to damnation. Simmons hastily agrees to this deal and becomes a twisted, scarred version of his former self, living in a dingy alleyway, with no hope of regaining his life, as several years have passed and his wife Wanda (Theresa Randle) has married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald (D.B. Sweeney). Despite the best efforts of his mentor, a demonic clown (John Leguizamo), Spawn performs mostly heroic acts, though he is not above seeking revenge on Wynn. Despite the film's middling box office take, plans for a sequel were announced. The same summer that Spawn was released, the comic was also the basis of a well-received cable TV series.


Airplane! I & II

Airplane! (1980)Airplane! (1980)
Airplane! (1980)

Directors: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker
Writers: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 84 mins
Language: English
Actors: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Peter Graves, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lloyd Bridges, Leslie Nielsen, Lorna Patterson, Robert Stack, Stephen Stucker, Frank Ashmore, Jonathan Banks, Craig Berenson

Plot Outline:
An airplane crew takes ill. Surely the only person capable of landing the plane is an ex-pilot afraid to fly. But don't call him Shirley.


This is a spoof of the airport disaster movies. When the crew of an airplane are struck by some form of virus, the fate of the passengers depends on an ex-war pilot who is the only one able to land the plane safely! The passengers represent a selection of interesting wacky characters who seem to take every word for its literal meaning.

Airplane II - The Sequel (1982)Airplane II - The Sequel (1982)
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

Director: Ken Finkleman
Writer: Ken Finkleman
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 81 mins
Language: English
Actors: Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges, Chad Everett, Peter Graves, Chuck Connors, William Shatner, Raymond Burr, John Vernon, Stephen Stucker, Kent McCord, James A. Watson Jr., John Dehner, Rip Torn, Sonny Bono

Plot Outline:
A faulty computer causes a passenger space shuttle to head straight for the Sun. Can Ted Striker save the day and get the shuttle back on track--again???


The hero of an unlikely airplane disaster must overcome his own inadequacies, improbable accidents and his former girlfriend in order to save a space shuttle from destruction in this spoof sequel of the disaster parody Airplane!

Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

GENRE.........[ Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
RUNTiME.......[ 2:29:53


Decepticon forces return to Earth on a mission to take Sam Witwicky prisoner, after the young hero learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers. Joining the mission to protect humankind is Optimus Prime, who forms an alliance with international armies for a second epic battle.


Scream 3 (2000)

Scream 3 (2000)Scream 3 (2000)

Category : Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 4 February 2000 (USA)
Director : Wes Craven
Cast : Liev Schreiber, Beth Toussaint, Roger Jackson, Kelly Rutherford, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Julie Janney, Richmond Arquette, Patrick Dempsey, Lynn McRee, Nancy O'Dell, Ken Taylor, Scott Foley, Roger Corman, Lance Henriksen


Story Summary :

STAB 3: RETURN TO WOODSBORO is currently in production, and a killer is on the loose cutting corners cast wise. The murders draw a reporter, ex-cop, and young woman to the set of the movie inspired by their life. They soon find out that they are dealing with a trilogy, and in a trilogy...anything can happen.

Scream 2 (1997)

Scream 2 (1997)Scream 2 (1997)

It has been two years since the tragic events at Woodsboro. Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks are trying to get on with their lives...


Scream (1996)

Scream (1996)Scream (1996)

After a series of mysterious deaths, a seemingly peaceful community becomes a place where no one is safe . . . and everyone is suspect! That's when an offbeat group of friends rally to unlock the town's deadly secrets . . . and get caught up in the deadly results.


Category : Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date : 20 December 1996 (USA)
Director : Wes Craven
Cast : David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Skeet Ulrich, Rose McGowan, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy, W. Earl Brown, Drew Barrymore, Joseph Whipp, Lawrence Hecht, Roger Jackson, David Booth, Liev Schreiber, Kevin Patrick Walls

Story Summary :
One year after the death of Sidney Prescott's (Campbell) mother, two students turn up gutted. When a serial killer appears, Sidney begins to suspect whether her mother's death and the two new deaths are related. No one is safe, as the killer begins to pick everyone off one by one. Everyone's a suspect in this case.

Goal! III - Taking On The World (2009)

Goal! III - Taking On The World (2009)Goal! III - Taking On The World (2009)

Goal! 3: Taking on the World is the third part of the football film trilogy Goal!, directed by Steve Renolds, written and produced by Mike Jefferies from the first two Goal films. Unlike its two predecessors, this film will not have a theatrical release and will instead be released straight to DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on June 15, 2009. The release date for the United States and Australia are not yet known.

The third installment of the football drama trilogy. Kuno Becker reprises his role as Mexican footballer Santiago Munez, who finds himself pitted against his best friends, Real Madrid team-mates and England players Charlie Braithwaite (Leo Gregory) and Liam Adams (JJ Feild) in the hope of winning the sport’s ultimate prize at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Finals in Germany. Santi is motivated to try and win the trophy for his late father and family back in Los Angeles and Madrid. Meanwhile, Charlie and Liam just want to try and end the Three Lions 40 years of pain. For all three charismatic footballers, the path to potential success is one fraught with temptations and torments – and all three have to deal with personal issues off the pitch that affects their roles on it.

Also following the tournament around Germany in their St. Georges Cross festooned camper van are the Geordie Boys, whom we first met back in Goal!. Providing the often hilarious fans perspective of the matches are Gordon (Mike Elliott), Foghorn (Christopher Fairbank), Walter (Jack McBride) and Phil (Craig Heaney).

Goal! II - Living the Dream (2007)

Goal! II - Living the Dream (2007)Goal! II - Living the Dream (2007)

GENRE......[ Drama / Sport
RUNTiME....[ 01:50:39
STORE DATE.[ 11 Jun 2007
iMDB URL...[ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0473360/

After gaining experience with the football club Newcastle United, Santiago Munez (Becker) gets a huge break when he's transferred to Real Madrid.

Goal! - The Dream Begins (2005)

Goal! - The Dream Begins (2005)Goal! - The Dream Begins (2005)

GENRE......[ Drama / Sport

Like millions of kids around the world, Santiago harbors the dream of being a
professional footballer. However, living in the Barrios section of Los Angeles,
he thinks it is only that,a dream. Until, one day an extraordinary turn of events
has him trying out for Premiership club Newcastle United.With cameos from David
Beckham, Alan Shearer, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and Raul.

Something To Talk About (1995)

Something To Talk About (1995)Something to Talk About (1995) ~ Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid, Robert Duvall, and Gena Rowlands

Directed by: Lasse Hallström
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance
Country: USA
Language: English

Plot Outline: Grace Bichon, who is managing her father's riding-stable, discovers that her husband Eddie deceives her with another woman...

User Rating: 5.4/10 (5,421 votes)
Runtime: 106 min
Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 1 nomination

Cast (first 10): Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid, Robert Duvall, Gena Rowlands, Kyra Sedgwick, Brett Cullen, Haley Aull, Muse Watson, Anne Shropshire, Ginnie Randall


Crossroads (2002)

Crossroads (2002)Crossroads (2002) ~ Britney Spears, Anson Mount, Zoe Saldana, and Taryn Manning (DVD - 2002)

Directed by: Tamra Davis
Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Romance
Tagline: Dreams change. Friends are forever.

Runtime: 93 min
Awards: 2 wins & 10 nominations
Cast (first 5): Britney Spears, Anson Mount, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning, Dan Aykroyd

Plot Outline: Three childhood best friends, and a guy they just met, take a trip across the country, finding themselves and their friendship in the process.

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