Sniper 3 (2004)

Sniper 3 (2004)Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller
Tagline: He only needs one shot.
Starring: Tom Berenger, Byron Mann, John Doman, Denis Arndt, Troy Winbush
Plot: Deadly sniper Tom Beckett is recruited by the CIA to go to Ho Chi Minh City and take out a ruthless drug dealer who turns out to be an old war buddy he thought was dead.

Tom Beckett (Tom Berenger) returns, this time as the National Security Agency's secret weapon. When NSA agents William Avery (Dennis Arndt) and Richard Addis (William Duffy) hire Beckett to terminate a suspected terrorist, he takes on the mission without a qualm, but when he discovers that his target is an old friend of his, he begins to suspect that his employers' motives are not what they claimed....

Preceded by: Sniper 2 (2002)

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