B-Girl (2009)

B-Girl (2009)Genre: Crime | Drama | Music | Romance | Dance
Starring: Julie Urich, Wesley Jonathan, Drew Sidora and Aimee Garcia.
Plot: A story about a female breakdancer overcoming a brutal attack to claim her place in the world of underground hip-hop.

Angel (Urich) is an aspiring breakdancer who is struggling to get noticed in the underground hip-hop scene. After overcoming a savage attack, she puts all her efforts into proving herself and her dancing ability in order to gain the respect she deserves.


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Meetu2nyte said...

There is a great break dancing movie coming out called B-Girl, with New York and Texas screenings- the movie looks really sweet. The facebook page has some more info! http://www.facebook.com/bgirlmovie?v=app_2344061033

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