Message In A Bottle (1999)

Message In A Bottle (1999)Message in a Bottle (1999)

Directed by: Luis Mandoki
Genre: Drama,Romance
Country: USA
User Rating: 5.5/10 (10,358 votes)
Runtime: 131 min
Awards: 5 nominations
Cast (first 5): Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn, Paul Newman, John Savage, Illeana Douglas

Plot:- Grieving widower Garret Blake builds boats for a living. Rebuilding his life - that's another matter. But that's before Theresa Osborne comes to his North Carolina village. Theresa, a lonely divorcee and researcher for the Chicago Tribune, knows Garret is the author of the message she found inside a bottle on a Cape Cod beach. And she knows the message spoke to her in a way that profoundly touched her heart.

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